Neeraj Grover Murder Case
Neeraj Grover Murder Case

Neeraj Grover’s story is one of the most gruesome and shocking incidents to have ever happened in the country of India, it’s not too often that something matches up to the degree of what has happened with him. People will cite morality issues to defend both of the parties involved in the case, but we can’t say anything except to tell the tale.

Grover was the creative head of Synergy Adlabs. Police say he was helping Maria who was an aspiring TV actor. Their proximity upset her fiance Jerome. This person was killed on May 7th, 2008 in Malad, Mumbai.

Grover used to work with Balaji Telefilms, and was currently serving Synergy Adlabs after moving out of them. So he was no longer associated with Balaji Telefilms really but did have some contacts in with them therefore was seen as an entry door to the Hindi Television by the south Indian Kannada movie actress Susaira.

She used to work Kannada movies, but due to not having any mainstream fame and an urge to progress up the levels, she decided to do all that was required to get into the Hindi TV scene. She even did an acting course some time back. Now, Neeraj Grover, whom we can only sympathize with for what he has done now, decided to use Susaira’s need for getting roles in TV serials to his advantage, this man decided to get cozy with her.

Both of them developed a relationship, started seeing each other, their relationship was a rather intimate one as any reader can definitely understand. Now… there was this little twist in there, Susaira had another boyfriend at the same time, back in Karnataka, this boyfriend was called Jerome, and he was very possessive of his girlfriend.

So one day, when Susaira was shifting to her new flat, her Mumbai boyfriend Neeraj Grover decided to come over to help her out, and Susaira was more than willing to use some of his help, but then Jerome decided to call Susaira up to ask her what’s up. Neeraj Grover shouted out to Susaira when she was speaking to Matthew, but Jerome heard this.

He told Susaira to throw Neeraj Grover out of the house and that he wouldn’t tolerate him being with Susaira, and Susaira shouldn’t be with a male so late at night. But Susaira insisted that he was there only to help her out and will go when the work was done. Jerome suspected Susaira and her relationships with other people already, so being the ever-so untrusting fellow, he flew down from Kochi to see Susaira and school her on doing such things. He didn’t inform Susaira expecting to take her by surprise.

In a totally filmy situation, as soon as Jerome reached Susaira’s apartment and started talking to her, Neeraj Grover walked out of Susaira’s bedroom. Jerome knew what was really up and asked Neeraj Grover what he was doing there, this naturally led to an argument between the three of them where we can only think of what would have happened, probably something along the lines of Jerome trying to get physical with Susaira, then Neeraj Grover telling Jerome to stop and Jerome, in a fit of rage, stabbing Neeraj with the Kitchen knife.

Jerome, then decided to tell Susaira (probably) that she would also get in trouble if everyone found out about this murder, and sent her to bring a list of items from a local Hypercity mall. Susaira went in there, and bought back home a sports bag to keep the body parts in, a big knife to cut the body, Air freshners so that the stench of the body wouldn’t be prevalent and of course, New drapes, so the blood-stained ones could be replaced.

Jerome then proceeded to do the work, he dragged Neeraj Grover’s dead body into the kitchen, cut it into pieces, put the pieces of the body into the bags, then Susaira and him took the bags which were full of the aforementioned things as well as clothing, bloody drapes etc. which were stained in the accident.

Susaira had borrowed a Santro from a friend, and it came to her and Jerome’s rescue here, they put the bags inside it, then they drove some distance to an isolated area in Manor, upon being satisfied about the isolated-ness of the place, decided that it was where they would cremate the remains of Neeraj Grover. They then set the said bags on fire by putting petrol all over them.

That was the end of Neeraj Grover, the couple of Jerome and Susaira then drove back to her apartment. It is believed that Emele Jerome mathew(his full name) went back to Kochin. Then… after some time when the news got out that Neeraj Grover was missing, people followed his trail and thought he might have been to Susaira, but Susaira wasn’t going to admit this and she told them that he visited her and left, she then gave them his mobile phone saying that he had left it at her place.

Investigators were clueless for the first few days of the probe. They first sensed a breakthrough when Grover’s cell phone records revealed that a message was received on his phone around 5:15pm on May 7. The tower location showed his presence near Dahisar checknaka at that time.

Phone records further revealed that Maria had spoken with her boyfriend Emile Jerome on the night before Grover went missing. Records of air tickets and the statement of an airport manager from Kochi established the fact that Jerome was in Mumbai on May 7 and had in fact reached Maria’s flat that day.

On May 21, Maria confessed to the crime and showed police the isolated spot in Manor where Grover was burned. The burnt residue of bone particles, shirt buttons, etc was recovered. Maria reportedly confessed that Grover was cut into pieces and stuffed in three bags before being taken in the car to Manor.

On 2nd July, Susairaj was released after three years in jail, having completed her sentence in the Neeraj Grover murder case. Several hours later it was time for the hastily arranged press briefing, with her lawyer Shaikh M Sharif. The next few minutes were a mix of chaos - protests by supporters of Neeraj Grover and an attempt by her lawyer Sharif Sheikh to show the prosecution's case as flawed.

Maria Susairaj did speak briefly - only to say she had left her past behind, and that he was innocent. She would only say she had sympathy for the Grover family and that her faith had helped her through.

Jerome was held guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder in the macabre killing of Grover and awarded 10 years imprisonment of which he has already served three years.

Sharif also showed a photograph used by the prosecution to deny that Grover's body was cut into 300 pieces as was being claimed.

Neeraj's father Amarnath Grover said Maria had nothing to say other than that she was innocent. "She should have had the strength to own up to the truth in front of the media," he said. On Neeraj's family blaming her for the crime, Maria said, "I don't want to say anything about him or his family." Emotional, health and financial reasons kept Grover's parents who stay in Kanpur from attending the trial on the most crucial day when a sessions court judge read out the verdict on Thursday. But the elderly parents have pledged to ensure that their slain son gets justice, and said they will appeal to the President for a death sentence. "We were expecting death sentence for both Maria and Jerome. I think the investigating agency has not probed the case properly. I am not going to sit quiet. I will spend every single penny of mine to get Neeraj's killers the death sentence," said Amarnath, who sees Susairaj as the main conspirator. He said he couldn't believe that she was found guilty of only destroying evidence.

Ashok Pandit justified the protests saying he cannot see a 'killer' walking free. "We have made this a citizen's movement--Justice for Neeraj Grover. We have started our movement from today. We will appeal to the higher judiciary," Pandit said.