Mumbai Jourlist Gang Rape
Mumbai Jourlist Gang Rape

All the five accused involved in the heinous crime that occurred at 6.30pm at the Shakti Mills compound have been nabbed and are in police custody.

23-year old photojournalist ws gang-raped by five men in Mumbai on Thursday night. All the five accused men involved in the heinous crime that occurred at 6.30pm at the Shakti Mills compound have been nabbed and are in police custody. The Mumbai police managed to capture them in just about 65 hours.

The girl whose condition is now stable gave her statement to the Mumbai police on Saturday. 

Full statement:
My colleague and I went to the old and dilapidated Shakti Mills near Mahalaxmi railway station to take photographs. We walked from platform number 1 of Mahalaxmi station to reach the mill. When we reached the dilapidated wall of the mill compound, it was about 5:30 pm. We realised that the place was not safe to go into. At that time two persons came out from inside the mill compound and they told us that there is a safe entrance to the mill a little ahead. As we moved ahead along the wall, we saw a better path leading inside. We went in and started taking pictures.

While we were busy taking pictures those two people, who helped us in by showing a way to enter the mill compound, arrived there along with a third person. The third person claiming to be a Railway employee and told us “our boss has seen you taking photos; you will have to come with us.” I told him, “Let me talk to your boss.” But, the man refused and told us to come along with him. I made a phone call to my boss, the head of the photography department, but found his phone busy. Sometime later, the boss called back. I told him that some Railway people were taking us along with them. Boss told us to leave the place immediately.

While I and my colleague were walking towards the exit one of the accused stopped my colleague and said that a few days ago a man was murdered here and my colleague was the one who murdered the man. I pleaded with them to let us go but they shouted at me and threatened me. They then took both of us deep inside the mill compound. We offered them our camera and phone (worth Rs 30,000 each) and begged them to leave us. They just told us to take off our belts. They then tied my friend’s hands with the belt. Two more accused joined the first three accused. Three people stayed with my friend and the two took me behind a wall.

When I was taken behind the wall my phone rang. It was a call from my mother asking if everything was all right. The accused threatened me to tell my mom that everything is fine. I did what they asked me to. My mother again called me and accused again made me tell her everything was ok. Since it happened twice the accused took my phone and switched it off.

The accused took my pictures and threatened not to tell anyone. One of them then took out sharp pieces of a broken beer bottle and threatened me.